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Treatment Information

The Treatment

Your first Bowenwork treatment will include a structural assessment, and, with your permission, pictures used to show you improvements in your posture and function immediately following your Bowenwork treatment. The before and after pictures can be emailed to you upon request.


Please allow 90 minutes for your first treatment which will consist of: completing paperwork, the assessment and treatment. I am happy to mail you paperwork so you can complete it prior to your first visit. 


What do I wear?

Bowenwork is typically done through lightweight clothing.  T-shirt material is the easiest to work through, and jeans, the most difficult. It's important for the practioner to feel the muscle, or tendon on which they are working. You should also be able to move and rest comfortably during the treatment.


For the first  treatment, which includes an evaluation, please bring or wear shorts or yoga pants and a t-shirt or sports bra, so it's easy to view your body structure. 


No oil or lotions are used during a Bowenwork treatment.


Typical Bowenwork Treatment

Bowenwork treatments are individualized and can last from 20 minutes or as long as 60 minutes, depending on the procedures used and how your body responds.  During a Bowenwork session, the practioner applies the Bowenwork procedure and leaves the room for a few minutes to give the nervous system/fascia/muscles time to respond. Sometimes clients fall asleep during a treatment. 


Following a Bowenwork Treatment

Typically following a Bowenwork treatment, you will feel relaxed and experience a general sense of improved well-being. In the days following a Bowenwork treatment, your body will continue to respond and change. Some changes may be immediately noticeable, such as reduced pain, greater range of motion, and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Sound sleep and increased energy are the most commonly reported "side effects" of  a Bowenwork treatment! Water supports the changes your body will make with Bowenwork so it is a good idea to drink the amount of water recommended for daily consumption and good health (typically 8 glasses of water per day).


A small number of people may feel as though they had a deep tissue massage or a vigorous workout. You should avoid using heat or ice for four days while your body is changing. Instead, drink extra water to flush out toxins and to support continued fascial movement, both of which will help your body heal. It's important to continue to move, walk, and perform your daily routine. Tom Bowen recommends the client not sit longer than 30 minutes at a time. 


Sometimes, I may suggest gentle Bowenwork stretches or exercises to support the treatment and improve your results. These could begin the day following your treatment and may continue as long as you wish.

How Often Should I have a Bowenwork Treatment ?

Bowenwork is a highly individualized treatment modality.


Typically, 3-4 treatments should address your initial concern. However, the body will unwind and support structures to heal pain and injuries on its own timetable. The body will unwind what it needs to reset your body back to it's "original blueprint". 


Some clients find that once a month "maintenance" treatments work well to support their body, keep them moving and reduce their pain.  Other clients return once a year for a "tune up" or simply "as needed."




“Bowenwork has been a lifesaver! I work hard  and play hard, using my arms for both. My arm was killing me, and I was not able to carry or lift anything for more than a few seconds at a time, but after a couple of Bowen sessions, my arm strength was back and I was back to normal.  I also have bad allergies and it's amazing how Bowenwork helped me with that, too! After a Bowen treatment, I feel great!" 

 - Mary B



"When I was confronted with having TMJ, my dentist could offer no help except to have me wear a device in my mouth for the rest of my life. But his assistant asked him "What about that stuff that Barb does?"He googled it, and gave me the phone number for Bowenwork in Olympia, specifically Barb Amidon. I hadn't eaten for three weeks, but after two weekly treatments (easy, comfortable), I was able to eat a few soft foods. After all four suggested treatments, I ate corn on the cob and steak! Barb was kind and gentle and got the job done! I could not be happier."  

-BK​ Anderson




"I went to Barb Amidon for Bowen therapy because of a back injury that affected my lower back. I had severe pain shooting down my right leg and had tried multiple therapies, including chiropractic, massage and physical therapy without any relief. After 2 sessions with Barb, the pain in my leg was gone. I highly recommend Bowen therapy and Barb's amazing touch! She is very good at assessment and treatment. 

-Gwen Kreiger

Bowen treatments with Barb have been incredibly helpful for me as I deal with Fibromyalgia symptoms and Sjogrens' Syndrome. My treatment began with a very thorough intake, so that Barb could completely understand my symptoms. She creates a very calm, relaxing atmosphere and explains the treatment every step of the way. The treatment is so non-invasive that I was a little skeptical the first time, but as soon as that first treatment was completed, and in the days that followed, I knew this was something different. My pain and inflammation were decreased, sleep improved as was my posture and range of motion. The improvements increased with each treatment. I've recommended Bowen and, specifically, Barb, to a number of friends who are struggling with chronic pain. I can't recommend Barb highly enough. 

-Sandy O.

I've been seeing Barb Amidon for Bowenwork to treat fibromyalgia, which I've had for years.. Barb always spends the right amount of time for the treatment and tailors it to my specific needs.  I have found the treatments relaxing and have received short term, and recently more long term, relief from the treatments. One could not find a more caring practitioner who can treat overall health issues and chronic conditions with more natural, yet professional treatments."

-Karen H.

Recently, a weekend of water sports ended with an epic crash and hard tumble on the water, resulting in severely bruised ribs. A visit to the chiropractor was helpful, but I had significant relief within 30 minutes of my emergency Bowen treatment. Barb was able to see me on a moment's notice. Now, I can breathe and move without difficulty. 


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