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Essential oils have been used in healing modalities for millennia. It’s a branch of herbalism that has a rich history of medicinal, therapeutic, and hygienic applications. Ancient civilizations used essential oils to treat various ailments, in beauty products and in religious ceremonies. 

Plants, in general, can have incredible benefits when used as their chemical constituency suggests. So many lab-made drugs use plant extracts as a model for their chemical makeup and yet fall sadly short... simply because nature does it better without side effects. 

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was a lifelong student of botany and herbalism and prescribed aromatics in various forms, from essential oil blends and massage oils, to teas, infusions, ointments and baths. Aromatherapy applications based on the actual chemical components, are used in a wide variety of wellness applications: natural, effective home cleaning products, personal care products, support for pain, physical conditions, as well as for mood and sleep support. 
Skin is our largest organ and easily absorbs the chemicals found in soaps, lotions, deodorants, shampoos, skin care products, makeup and any cleaning products that might touch our skin or that we inhale. It is then, up to our liver, kidneys and lungs to process and "clean" our body of harmful substances. How many people do you know who love the "clean" smell of laundry soap, clothes softener and dryer sheets, scented plug-ins and candles, cleaning products, and perfumes? All those scents, PLUS outside air... gasoline, fires, smoke, lawn sprays, car wash products are filled with toxic substances our body needs to clear out so we remain healthy. Essential oils are a natural product, when used in the proper manner and amount are excellent substitutes for their scented, and chemical-laden counterparts. Our bodies recognize the friendly, volatile oils as "natural". Likewise, when we use natural, organic products in place of products laden with chemicals foreign to our bodies. 
Consider using fewer toxic cleaning products at home....for windows, laundry, kitchen, and counter tops. 
Consider using fewer toxic products on your body... make your own hand soap with Castile soap, jojoba oil and essential oils of your choice (using different oils for face, hands or shower, based on their chemical constituents.) Instead of window cleaner, counter spray or floor cleaner, consider using Norwex products which use only water and their patented Backlock microfiber products to clean and disinfect your home. Our home has never been cleaner, and we're not putting toxic chemicals in our body or back into the enviornment. 
Visit the ESSENTIAL OILS page for products you can order. (Created at the time you order.)


Obtain clarity of purpose 

Remove mental blocks

Release negative emotional patterns 

Overcome doubt and procrastination

Build confidence 

Realize goals

If you are interested in releasing negative emotional patterns, phobias, mental blocks in exchange for confidence, emotional and relational freedom, schedule an Aroma Freedom session. This is not talk therapy. In fact, there is little discussion around the topic as you move through the stages from identifying the change you wish to make - to ultimate freedom. This can be done in person or through Zoom. Contact me today for more information. 


Experience the amazing effects of an immune support treatment using using 7 single oils and 2 Combination Oils (Valor and Aroma Siez), this 30 minute massage-like treatment over your spine will have a positive effect on the way you feel! Following the treatment, many clients report a greater sense of "well being", less pain overall, better sleep and a "relaxed" feeling that lasts beyond the treatment itself. If you feel "off", have pain throughout your body, have immunity concerns, or want an immune supportive treatment during the flu season, give this treatment a try. :) 

The Immune Support Treament balances the body, with the application of these powerful, therapeutic oils ;

VALOR- Is the first and most important oil used in this technique because it helps balance the electrical "system" in the body. 

THYME-Is used for its abilty to support the immune system by attacking any bacteria, fungus, infection or virus which may be present. It may also help one overcome fatigue and physical weakness after an illness. 

OREGANO-Works in conjunction with THYME to strengthen the immune system, attacking bacteria and viruses. It may also act as an antiseptic for the respiratory system, help balance metabolism and strengthen the vital centers of the body. 

CYPRESS-Is used for its antibacterial, anti-infectious, antimicrobial and diuretic properties. In addition, it may function as a decongestant for the circulatory and lymphatic systems. 

BIRCH/WINTERGREEN-Is great for removing discomfort associated with the inflammation of bones,muscles and joints. It may also help cleanse the lymphatic system. (If you are allergic to aspirin or take blood thinners, this oil is contraindicated.) 

BASIL-Is relaxing to spastic muscles and is stimulating to the nerves and adrenal glands. 

PEPPERMINT-Is used to calm and strengthen the nerves, reduce inflammation, and is highly effective when dealing with conditions related to the respiratory system. It also has a synergistic and enhancing effect on all the other oils.(If you are allergic to aspirin or take blood thinners, this oil is contraindicated.)

MARJORAM-Is used to relax spastic muscles, soothe the nerves, relieve cramps, aches, and pains and to help calm the respiratory system. 

ORTHO EASE- Is the crowning oil to this application. It is used to help relax all the muscles of the back and legs and to help reduce any stress, arthritic pain, or tension which may exist. 


* You may google each oil to learn about more benefits of each oil! 

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