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Barb Amidon, M.Ed., PBP, LMP



I started my career as middle school teacher, but made a career change within the field of education, earning a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, primarily serving as a middle and high school counselor. School counseling was a great fit and I planned to work well past 30 years....


And then in 2011... I  had four Bowenwork treatments for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; a debilitating, painful, and disruptive nerve injury. After the first treatment, my hand and arm, which had been numb and painful for over three months, started to regain feeling and the healing continued. Old injuries and chronic pain also disappeared. My sleep and immune system improved. By the third treatment, I knew I had to learn Bowenwork to help friends and family. 


I started Bowenwork training in February 2012, practicing on friends and family. I saw impressive and almost immediate results! In September, I enrolled in massage school, re-enrolled in every Bowenwork module, learning with fresh insight provided by Anatomy & Physiology and Kinesiology coursework. 


I enjoy the challenge and mystery of Bowenwork, primarily because of it's effectiveness with clients. My love of biology, anatomy, and the exciting information of the emerging sciences related to how fascia communicates and functions in the body, compels me to learn more about related research, the study of structure and biotensegrity in the body, and how Bowenwork supports healing in the entire body. Our bodies are, indeed, wonderfully made.

As a teen, I was fascinated by the essential oils Lavender, Patchouli and Tea Tree. I wore them, inhaled them, mixed a few together and was curious about their uses. There wasn't much in the way of information (in 1972) about these beautiful oils from plants, which I believed could be used in healthful ways. In 2012, essential oils were going "mainstream".  I knew I wanted the purest oils possible, with no interest in multi-level marketing.  After a few stumbles, I landed on 2-3 companies and used their pure, organic and sustainably sourced oils for diffusing, and begin to replace household products with healthier EO based products, almost completely eradicating chemical-laden products, including shampoos, soaps, cleaning supplies, and scents from our home. I felt so much better. After working in a sick building for 9 years, my system was overly sensitized to scent and chemicals. Finally, relief.

Following retirement, massage school,  and Bowenwork studies, I enrolled in several essential oil courses to learn more about these powerful oils from nature. The beauty and power of essential oils is "hidden" in the chemistry of each oil. I HAD to learn the chemistry to learn how oils effect the human body, mind and spirit. Included in my studies was research about the currently popular CBD and CBG oils distilled/expressed from hemp. I'm grateful to my friends and relatives who've put up with my enthusiasm and experiments as I've learned more about the effect of a single oil as well as the synergy and power gained by combining similar or complimentary oils. Blending oils is SO much fun-and seeing how they "work" is exciting!  Learning how EO's can support personal growth (Aroma Freedom Technique /Dr Perkus) by using essential oils was also exciting!


I've been married to the delightful and talented John Amidon since 1981, and together, we laugh, travel, attend local sporting events,  and spend time with friends and family. Since his retirement, John performs part time as a professional magician and motivational speaker. We have two adult children, Courtney and Brady. Teddy and Charlie, our happy rescued pups, have our hearts! 





Bowenwork and Massage Therapy 

Introduction to Bowenwork 

HIV/AIDS & CPR Certification 

Bowenwork Modules 1-7, Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (USA)

Professional Bowenwork Practioner Certification. American Bowen Academy 

Postural Assessment & Myofascial Length Testing for Bowenwork Practioners 

Bowen, Tensegrity & the Fascial Lines 

Graduate: Northwest School of Massage Therapy   

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Washington State Massage License # MA 60482607

The Bowen Technique, Graham Pennington-instructor

Fascia Journal Study (Anatomy Trains- Tom Myer), Kelly Clancy, Instructor

Bowenwork for People Living with Cancer - Sandra Gustafson, Instructor

Bowenwork Module 8 - Kelly Clancy, Instructor

Bowenwork Advanced Procedures Module 9 - Oct 2017

Aromahead Institute:  Aromatherapist Certification (in process) 8/2018

Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner  10/2018

Anatomy&Physiology for Aromatherapy Cert Feb 2018

CPR & First Aid 2019 

Ethics for Massage Practitioners 2019

Bowenwork&Womens Wellness- Sandra Gustafson, Instructor 2021

CPR & First Aid 2021

AMBP ETHICS: Presence, Resilence & Boundaries 2021

                           Centering Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in Our Practices 2021

MSTR: McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique 7/2021 


Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner 2018

Aromahead Institute: Aromatherapy for Natural Living February 2020

Aromahead Institute: Protect Family from Colds & Flu Using Essential Oils 2020

Aromahead Institute: Viruses & the Immune System 2020

Dr Eric Zielinski Natural Living Family Masterclass & Women's Health 2021

Dr Josh Axe Institute: Certified Essential Oils Coach 2021


B.A., Communications, Central Washington University, 1977

M.Ed., Counseling Psychology, Washington State University, 1992

Critical Incident Response Training, School Crisis Response  (ICISF certified) 






Bowtech/American Bowenwork Academy

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (AMBP) 

Community Bowenworkers Association

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy 


Northwest Professional Educators, Co-Founder & Former Board Member



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